About Us

Crate&Crown takes pride in you, the man that’s out there sweating in the wilderness, building trees 🌲 creeks and streams. Doing manly stuff like moving mountains with your beard 🧔... Nobody takes care of a mans needs like we do, from our all natural beard butter 🧈 to our vegan 🌱 soaps, deodorants, pomades, and hard colognes we know what it means to be a man, because we are men. If you like showering with pine cones and moss, we probably aren’t for you but if you’re trying to be the manliest man on the planet but you wanna keep it safe because you have that inner environmental sword or you use till crazy ants, anyway know that our products aren’t tested on mans best friend or anyone else for that matter! You’re getting the very best products at the very best prices.