Beast Bundles




  • 1.a collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped up together:"a thick bundle of envelopes"
  • a set of nerve, muscle, or other fibers running close together in parallel.
  • a set of different itmes, typically of software or hardware, sold together as a package:"a bundle of 15 desktop utilities"
  • a large amount of money:"the new printer cost a bundle"


  • 1.tie or roll up (a number of things) together as though into a parcel:"she quickly bundled up her clothes"synonymstie (up), tie together, do up, pack (up), pack together, ... moreantonymsundo
  • dress (someone) in many clothes to keep warm:"they were bundled up in thick sweaters"synonymswrapenvelopclothecovermuffle... more
  • sell (different items, typically of hardware or software) together as a package.
  • 2.push or carry forcibly:informal"he was bundled into a van"synonymshustlejostlemanhandlefrogmarchsweep... more
  • send (someone) away hurriedly or unceremoniously:"the old man was bundled off into exile"
  • (especially of a group of people) move clumsily or in a disorganized way:"they bundled out into the corridor"
  • 3.sleep fully clothed with another person, as a former local custom during courtship:historical"he stopped occasionally in the villages to dance at country frolics, and bundle with the lasses"

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6 products

6 products